4 Reasons to Have a Professional Bra Fitting

It still amazes me that 80% of us are wearing the wrong bra size. The most common errors encountered are wearing bras that are too big around the band and too small in the cup size. Recently, I’ve been lucky enough to be a part of life-changing bra fittings for some gorgeous women. What I found out is that many women just tolerate their bras, putting up with poor fit and discomfort. Really our lingerie should make us feel great and look fantastic each and every day!

One way to ensure that you get the most from your bras is to have a regular bra fitting. A professional bra fitter can help you find the best possible bra for both your body shape and breast shape. A good fitting bra will transform your body shape, improve your posture and give you greater body confidence. Here are the 4 main reasons I would recommend having a professional bra fitting:

1. A Good fitting bra enhances your body shape

Wearing the correct bra size, not only provides support for your breasts but lifts and shapes them too. A perfectly matched bra enhances your breasts and will transform your body shape, accentuating your waist. Helping you to look and feel fantastic too!

Good fitting bras enhance your natural shape

Good fitting lingerie enhances your natural body shape

2. A professional can match both your bra size and breast shape

Your search to find ‘the one’ does not end when you know your size, the difference between a perfect and substandard fit can hinge on the shape of your breasts. The experience of a professional can help match you to the correct bra for you bust shape and size. Top Tip: Ask the bra fitter to explain your breast shape to you, so that next time you shop for bras you can look for styles that will suit your bust shape as well as size.

Which boob shape are you?

Which breast shape are you? Photo via @fairyboobmother

  • 3. The perfect fit eradicates unwanted bra irritation
  • A badly fitting bra will irritate you, causing chafing and sores around your chest, on your shoulders and between your breasts. This is particularly true of a bra that is too tight as it will constrict the rib cage and press your breasts against your chest. A poorly fitting underwired bra can cause redness and sores where the underwire sits. Often fuller busted women find that the wire causes rubbing in the cleavage area. To avoid this unnecessary pain get a professional to help you find the perfect fit.

    The perfect fit not only looks fabulous but feels great too

  • 4. A good fitting bra will boost your confidence
  • Finding the perfect bra will simply make you feel better from head to toe. There is nothing quite like finding the bra that looks great, feels fantastic and accentuates your figure. ‘The one’ gives you confidence in your outerwear as well as your underwear. Enhancing your natural figure will make your outerwear look better too.

    The Perfect Fit

    Boost your body confidence in perfectly fitting lingerie

    I have had the pleasure of fitting many beautiful women in the past and they are always astonished when they try on a bra that fits for the first time:   

    “I feel so great when wearing them and don't want to take them off!”
    “The personal fitting ensured I found the bra that fitted me best and also has given me both the confidence and knowledge to try more sizes on in the future!”

    These moments are undeniably life-changing but it is important to remember that our bodies are always changing and therefore our bra size is likely to change from time to time. There are many factors that can alter your bra size, from body changes to brand differences, so make sure you get a professional bra fitting every 6 months, even if it is just to confirm that your tried and tested favourite is still the best style for you.  

    Finding the perfect fit can be tricky on your own but you will not regret seeking a professional's help. Your lingerie will fit better, feel more comfortable, enhance your body shape and most importantly help to boost your body confidence. So what’s stopping you? Go out and find that perfect fit and together we can lower the percentage of us who wear the wrong bra size!

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