6 tips on how to look after your bras

Everyone has their own advice on how to look after your bras, which can be confusing and overwhelming. So here’s our simple guide on how to look after your bras and maintain their condition.

1) Wear the correct size 

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The first thing to get right is size. To make sure your bras fit you correctly, follow our quick fitting guide. If the bra you are wearing is too tight, extra pressure will be placed on all the components, shortening its life span. The more stress placed on a bra will cause stretching and therefore loss of support. So first of all make sure your bras fit correctly.

2) Hand wash your bra

I think we all know the best way to look after our bras is to hand wash them, but is it really worth the energy? If you want your bras to last, then yes, definitely! If you’re going to spend the time and money on getting the perfect fit, you should dedicate some effort into washing your bras carefully. It is important to be gentle with your hand washing technique, do not ring or rub vigorously. When hand washing, use a delicate detergent, which dissolves easily and finally, rinse thoroughly. Never tumble dry your bras, the heat is far too intense and will damage the elastics, wires and fastenings. To get rid of excess water, gently roll in a towel after washing and then hang to dry.

3) Don't wash too regularly

We can be fooled into thinking that we need to wash our bras as frequently as our clothes. The general rule is that if you are not exerting yourself during the time you are wearing your bra, it will not be getting too dirty. Although slightly off-putting, the smell of your bra is a good sign that it needs a wash. Be careful, you can over-wash your bra and it will cause your bra to loose its shape and strength more quickly. Clearly, sports bras need more regular washing due to the nature of their use!

4) Store carefully

How to store your bras Photo via Pixabay


How to store your bra: store flat as shown above. Photo via Pixabay.

Storage is rarely considered, but is also highly important in maintaining the condition of your bras. Do not fold cups in on each other; this will distort their shape. Place bras unfolded, stacked one behind the other, or hang on a delicates hanger. Never squash your bras into an overfilled drawer, this will bend the wires and stretch the elastics.

5) Fasten your bra at the back

Although it only takes seconds, the way you put on your bra can have implications in maintaining its condition. The majority of us go for the easy option of fastening your bra at the front and twisting it around once fastened. However, this puts stress on the elastics, so ideally, a bra should be fastened at the back, to reduce the stretching.

6) Have a regular bra fitting


Always have a bra fitting

Have a regular bra fitting. Photo via Pixabay.

Even if you follow all of the above care suggestions, bras do have a shelf life and you need to replace your bra wardrobe once or twice a year. This rule of thumb changes depending on how many bras you have in rotation. The more bras you wear in rotation the longer the bras will last, as they are worn less regularly.

It’s time to replace your bra when; the elastics in the bra begin to slack, it no longer fits, the wires are protruding through their casing and the bra has been worn regularly for 6 months to a year.

All in all, it does pay to look after your bras. The little extra time and effort taken to hand wash, store well and buy correctly will help lengthen the life of your bras.

Do you take the time to care for your bras? Has this post helped you to improve the longevity of your bras?


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