Are fuller busted women still striving for more choice?

This month, Lingerie Insight focused on the increasing demand for fuller busted lingerie and it got me thinking. It's obvious that as fuller busted women, we are demanding more from our bras, but do we have enough choice? Like any other woman, we want exceptional comfort, fit and style. Our bras need to be elegant, with feminine and sexy details, we are no longer happy to settle for boring, bland t-shirt bras.

Before I move on, I would like to look at the difference between full bust and plus size lingerie. Full bust lingerie refers to those who wear a cup size of DD or larger, but do not wear a large band size. However, plus size lingerie is for those who wear a band size of 38 or above, but they do not necessarily wear a large cup size. Therefore, a woman with a larger cup size but small back size (e.g. 30E) is full bust, whereas a lady with a large back size (e.g. 42D) is plus size.

This growth in demand for fuller busted lingerie comes with the reported increase in the UK’s average bra size from a 36C to a 36DD. Although there have been many recent new comers to the fuller busted lingerie market, such as Katherine Hamilton Intimates, the market for fuller busted lingerie frustratingly, still lacks choice in comparison to the A-D cup sizes.

I know as a fuller busted lady that although I walk away from a bra fitting with a reasonable fit, more often than not, the choice in styles is fairly plain and un-exciting, let alone sexy or elegant. Although many brands (such as Panache, Wacoal and Tutti Rouge) are rising to this challenge and meeting the needs of this growing market, many women like myself are still left feeling a little deflated.

This issue seems to be at the forefront of many lingerie designers and retailers such as Bravissimo, whose director, Laura Martino explains that they’re passionate about choice and feel that the lingerie market is lacking in choice for the big-busted women, especially those larger than a G cup (Lingerie Insight, March 2016, p.34-35).

So fuller busted ladies, what can we do about this? We need to continue to seek out and support those brands achieving excellent fit and comfort without compromising that luxurious and sexy style we so long for!

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