Ashley Graham is the latest model to experience body shaming

Sometimes, I find it hard to believe what I am reading, when it comes to body shaming on the Internet. Under no circumstances is it acceptable, therefore why do Ashley Graham’s fans think it is OK to lash out at her for losing a few pounds?

Ashley Graham Lingerie Shoot via Instagram @theashleygraham
Ashley Graham looking gorgeous in her lingerie via Instagram @theashleygraham

Recently Ashley Graham, the first plus-size model to appear on Sports Illustrated Magazine’s famous swimsuit edition, has been body-shamed for losing weight. However, weight loss or in fact weight gain, is entirely her decision and it should not be up for public discussion.

Ashley Graham's controversial photograph via Instagram @theashleygraham
The photograph that caused so much uproar and body shaming from Ashley Graham's fans via Instagram @theashleygraham

Fans of the model feel that she has betrayed the plus-size world by succumbing to society’s pressure to fit a certain stereotype. Unfortunately, this is a very narrow-minded view. Surely, we should be celebrating her life style choice, which can only be beneficial to her health. Ashley has valiantly tried to defend her weight-loss but it is wasted on the body shamers. People will never be happy, it seems that they think it is their right to comment on whether she is too fat or too thin; she will never win!

Her so-called fans should feel ashamed at their ignorant reaction to her weight-loss. Their nasty comments are contradictory to their beliefs; that anyone should have the right to feel happy and gorgeous whatever their weight. By sharing their disappointment with this weight loss, they themselves, are judging and pressuring those who do make healthy changes to their body.

Positive body image message via Instagram @theashleygraham
Ashley Graham's fantastic promotion of positive body image via Instagram @theashelygraham

Ashley Graham is a model who aims to promote body confidence and positive body image, not body size. If she feels happy and healthy in her body then she has achieved both body confidence and a positive body image. Ashley has not succumb to society’s pressures, she has made a lifestyle change to suit her needs and wants. It is about what you as an individual want not what society dictates.

As I have said many times before, women need to be supportive of each other. If Ashley has chosen to improve her health and fitness, which has consequently involved weight loss, there should be no discussion about it. It’s her body and she should be able to make lifestyle changes without the threat of body shaming.

Do you agree that body confidence and a positive body image is about more than just size?

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