Finding 'The One'

Many women are still on their fairy tale search to find ‘the one’. The one bra that fits perfectly, provides excellent support, gives superior comfort and has cutting edge styling. However, many of these fairy tales have not yet had their happy ending.

Triumph however, boast that their Magic Boost Bra range is ‘the one’. Their Magic Boost Bras use a revolutionary flexible soft touch wire, which replaces the old metal wires and creates a new era of comfort. With a view to creating a magic bra for each and every shape and size, the Magic Boost Bra comes in three shapes, the Push-Up, Shape-Up and Lift-Up, all meeting the varying needs of different customers.

Triumph Magic Boost Shape Up via Instagram @Triumphuk
Triumph Magic Boost Shape Up via Instagram @Triumphuk

Not only do these Magic Boost Bras provide revolutionary comfort, but they also create a fantastic shape under clothes. To add to their design, they include feminine lace detailing on the wings and back strap, which add a pretty look to the functional bra. I am not convinced that they are meeting the cutting edge style needs of today's customer, however I do enjoy the lace additions to an otherwise plain but very functional bra.

Though I believe the style of the bras could be improved, I do think that Triumph have excelled with their advertising campaign. The fairy tale animations are an excellent way of talking to their customers, acknowledging their needs and creating and emotional connection between their customers and their product.

With the sequel focusing on the trials and tribulations of the body changes that occur post-baby, these inventive animations, appeal to women of all ages and stages. They take on the fairy-tale adventure of finding ‘the one’, but replace Prince Charming with the perfect bra. Their strong female character, uplifting soundtrack and happy ending make for a great fairy tale, which cannot fail to reach out to all women.

While, I am not convinced by the styling of the Triumph Magic Boost Bras, I am pleased to see that more and more brands are seeking to meet the needs of their ever widening range of customers. Now, brands are more regularly and more successfully fusing style with comfort.

Although, I have not yet found ‘the one’, what I do know is that finding the right bra, not only makes you look great but makes you feel fabulous too!

Have you found ‘the one’? If so please do tell us where to find it!

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