How to perfect the lingerie as outerwear trend

The trend to wear lingerie as outerwear is growing momentum. Recently, Vogue has shown us how to perfect the lingerie as outerwear trend and with the most recent lingerie inspired catwalks, it got me wondering. Will it ever be acceptable for you or I to reveal the underwear beneath our clothes? Or even more so, as fuller busted women, will we ever feel confident enough to transform our lingerie into outerwear?

Over the past few seasons we have seen lingerie become more and more visible. Etam, a French lingerie and fashion label, celebrated all things underwear on their Spring/Summer 2017 runway in Paris. Etam’s sheer coverage and almost transparent sequin dresses may feel too far-fetched for you or I to consider. However, there are ways to be subtly inspired by this catwalk look for a more elegant and less startling hint of the lingerie as outerwear trend.

No longer do we see visible lingerie as a wardrobe malfunction, nor is wearing a corset as outerwear shocking. However, the latest way to show off your stunning lingerie is through a delicate sheer dress or blouse. Recently, we’ve seen Christopher Kane pair a see-through slip with an athletic bra and knicker set and Marc Jacobs reveal pink floral briefs through a ruffled mini-dress.

If you’re looking for a more subtle, laid-back look try  Vogue’s pairing of floral silk boxers and black bra top with a wrap-around maxi-dress which provides extra layering. Or perhaps try a sheer, embellished blouse with simple ivory lingerie.   

lingerie as outerwear @Fendi

Picture via Instagram @Fendi embracing the lingerie as outerwear trend with @gigihadid @bellahadid

Still not convinced this lingerie as outerwear trend is for you,  here are some rules to keep you on the right track:

  1. Play the look down, think effortless glamour. Wear a heavy knit or blazer to create a subtle hint of lingerie, not a bare all moment.
  2. Avoid red, it can look cheap. Think simple elegance.
  3. Suggest a hint of lingerie rather than exposing all. During the day go for a chiffon top in a pastel colour and for the simplest evening look, pair a silk camisole with a blazer.

As a fuller busted woman you may feel this trend is out of reach, however the key to this trend is striking a delicate balance between exposure and elegance. Adding a heavy knit or chunky boot will give it a more modern look, creating a texture contrast to the delicate silk and lace.

Even with all these styling tips are we brave enough to reveal our lingerie? Bucking the social norm, which keeps our underwear hidden from the public eye, will be a big step for many. As a body conscious nation, the pressure we feel about our own bodies and what others think may stop us from fully embracing the lingerie as outerwear trend. I would say,  let’s not be coy about our underwear and instead embrace our bodies and stunning lingerie with a sheer or layered look on top.

This trend has varying degrees of dare, how will you adopt this daringly elegant look?

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