Is the future looking bright for online lingerie shopping?

We are on the brink of having a online lingerie shopping revolution. As we all strive for more convenience and ease in our shopping experience, will we be leaving the bricks and mortar stores behind to head online for a more private experience.

Allowing women to buy lingerie online in the privacy of their own home, is very important in my mission to improve the choice of fuller busted lingerie. However, this does not come without its difficulties, especially with achieving an accurate fit online.

Online clothing retail has been popular for many years, but online lingerie retail has failed to keep up with this pace of growth. When shopping in store, a selection of bras can be expertly picked by a professional. This  fitting is very hard to replicate online and has been a major factor holding back the growth of the online market.

However, in spite of these difficulties, a recent Research and Markets report has predicted extensive growth in this market between now and 2020. Globally, the online lingerie market is predicted to grow at an annual rate of 17.25% between 2016 and 2020.

It seems that many more of us are beginning to dip our toe into online lingerie shopping. Although, online shopping lacks the personal service that can be achieved in store it does allow women to try the lingerie on in the privacy of their own home, it creates accessibility to a range of brands and provides convenience.

While all of the benefits of online shopping are appealing there is still the big question about how to achieve a professional and expert fitting service. Some online lingerie retailers are attempting to fill this gap with varying success.

True & Co is an American company that aims to change the way we shop for bras. They were the first company to fit women’s bras with a fit quiz, to determine your shape and style preferences. Although this system is very easy to use, they do not currently cater to the sizing needs of a fuller busted lady.

Third Love is another American company that has developed an app, which uses visual data (photographs) to determine your exact measurements. These measurements are used to find the best bras to fit your body shape and size. A wider range of sizes is available through this app, but I was still disappointed with the choice for fuller busted ladies.

Recently, there has been some good developments in providing accurate online fitting services, but as a fuller busted lady I find buying bras online difficult and restrictive. It is exciting to see what will be on offer in terms of online fitting for fuller busted ladies as this area of the market continues to grow.

Have you bought lingerie online? What did you think of the experience? Let us know in the comments box below.

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