Lingerie shoppers: die-hard high street shoppers vs. online shoppers

Ecommerce has become part of our everyday lives and is ever more convenient with the rise of mobile technology. A last minute invite to an event no longer leads to a wardrobe nightmare. With ecommerce and mobile technology, you can order a new outfit on the way to work and pick it up on your way home, all in time for the big event. However, I am yet to fully immerse myself into the ecommerce world of lingerie and I wonder why I am slightly hesitant.

As a society we have embraced online clothes shopping, even without being able to try before you buy, but we are reluctant to go online to make the more personal purchase of lingerie. I know from personal experience how difficult it can be to find a good fitting bra in a physical shop, so the thought of achieving a good fit whilst buying online is somewhat daunting. Perhaps though, I should be embracing the increased choice and diversity that online shopping provides.

Many brands are making great waves in providing very clear sizing guidelines and online measuring systems. These help to pair you with the most suitable bras for your shape and size, creating a more personal and convenient shopping experience, but still progress in lingerie ecommerce is slow.

As customers, the first barrier to online lingerie shopping we need to overcome is our loyalty to the brands that work for us. We need to realise that there is life after our most favoured bras, especially with the ever-increasing choice found within the online lingerie world. All it takes is a little exploration. There are many fantastic up-and-coming lingerie brands that we could be accessing if we were to just dip our toe into lingerie ecommerce.

Our engrained loyalty, leads to increased scepticism about other brands, making it harder for online lingerie retailers to build trust with their customers. When shopping online one of the biggest influencers in our decision to purchase is real-life customer reviews. Not only do they give us a different insight into the products but they also help us to better understand the sizing.

Photographs are vital in engaging customers online and it has been found by Yotpo’s recent survey of 1,000 ecommerce shoppers that 77% of participants are more influenced by photographs of real customers when deciding to buy, than the professional photographs. As a nation we rely heavily on the opinions of those we can relate to, which makes customer endorsement vital in ecommerce.

To compete with the high-street shopping experience, the online retailers need to provide an enjoyable, satisfying and personal experience. Not only do we want to feel that it is convenient but we also want luxury and exclusivity. To replicate the personal fitting experience it is essential to provide the customer with access to advice on sizes, fitting and comfort of the underwear. With all these barriers being broken down by brands, as consumers we need to be open to the opportunity to buy our lingerie from the comfort of our own homes (or even on the bus to work)!

I know that I am going to explore the world of online lingerie shopping, to find the many hidden treasures. Will you be persuaded to try shopping for your lingerie online or are you a die-hard high-street shopper when it comes to lingerie?

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