Push-Up Bras: The beginning of the end

Is our relationship with the faithful push-up bra coming to end?

Recent red-carpet outfits seen at both the Met Gala and Cannes have celebrated the ‘au naturel’ look in favour of the uplifted, cleavage heavy look. It seems that small, unshowy, unsupported bosoms are on-trend. Triangle styles, crop-tops and non-underwired styles are becoming increasingly favoured instigating the demise of the push-up bra. Not only do we want our food to be organic but we also desire ‘organic breasts’ as fashion celebrates their beauty and natural shape.

Bella Hadid celebrating the au naturel look on the red carpet in Cannes via Instagram @bellahadid
Bella Hadid celebrating the au naturel look on the red carpet in Cannes via Instagram @bellahadid

As has happened many times throughout history, it seems we are moving into an era of less enhancement and more concealment. The history of underwear has witnessed the celebration of the natural breast many times before. Flappers flattened their breasts in the Twenties, small-breasts were favoured in the Sixties and in the Seventies hippies let them hang free. However, more recently, the Wonderbra and breast implants have enhanced the average bosom and curves have been desired.

Even the renowned bust-enhancing Victoria’s Secret has introduced an unpadded bra for a more natural look, but I wonder how this trend will benefit the fuller busted women of this world. Unsupported large breasts are not an elegant look and can be a major hazard!

Unpadded au naturel look via Instagram @victoriassecret
Unpadded au naturel look via Instagram @victoriassecret

As this anti-big bosom moment continues, fuller busted women will find their once longed after assets become a hindrance to wearing the in vogue garments, whilst fashion favours the less voluptuous female figure.

Some are claiming this trend will enable women to dress to impress themselves instead of enhancing their bodies to create a hyper-sexualised look. However, I wonder how are we meant to celebrate ‘real women’ when fashion favours a minority in society, after all Britain’s average bra size is a voluptuous 36DD.

Is this new generation of bras suited to your body shape? Will you be going organic with your breasts?

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