The Bridget Jones Dilemma – why can’t underwear be practical and sexy?

“Major dilemma. If actually do, by some terrible chance, end up in flagrante surely these would be most attractive at crucial moment. (holds up thong) However, chances of reaching crucial moment greatly increased by wearing these; scary stomach-holding-in pants very popular with grannies the world over. Tricky. Very tricky.”  Bridget Jones' Diary, 2001, Helen Fielding, Richard Curtis & Andrew Davis

With the release of the greatly anticipated trailer of 'Bridget Jones' Baby', what better time to discuss the age old problem that Bridget Jones, as well as many other women, face on a daily basis - style vs. function. Why can't Bridget Jones' knickers be supportive and sexy?

Since my late teenage years I’ve been a fuller busted woman, wearing a 30inch back with an E cup size. Some people might think this is the perfect situation, a small figure with large a large bust. However, for as long as I can remember wearing bras, I’m not sure I’ve ever found a bra that has been truly comfortable. The back rides up, the under wires dig in, I get red marks from the shoulder straps and the bra can create a sore spot in my cleavage. Unlike most of my friends, I have always shopped for bras in specialist bra shops and had each bra expertly fitted. However, I’m still left questioning whether there really is a bra out there that I can say is both comfortable and stylish.

Not only do the bras always seem to have one element that is not quite right, they also seem to lack style. Inevitably I walk into the bra shop and they ask “is there anything you like in particular?” I pick out a pretty bra with delicate lace details and feminine colours and I get the reply, ”sorry they don’t make that in your size. We do however, have this in your size.” Inevitably it is a black, white or nude, t-shirt bra with very little detail let alone a sexy or feminine touch. The blandness makes me want to run for the hills, however knowing I’m yet to find the perfect bra I try it on hoping that the comfort will be out of this world!

I try it on…yes I fill the cups, yes the back strap is firm enough and the underwires don’t seem to dig in unreasonably, but can I wear it without noticing it? No. Does it make me feel sexy? No.

Following years of frustration, facing the same dilemma every time I dare to go bra shopping, I am on a mission to find a solution to this problem for those fuller busted women who face bra hell. Many fuller busted women are faced with a Hobson's choice - take it or leave it. Those brands that have tried to accommodate ladies with fuller busts, seem to lack choice for the young women who seek both stylish and seductive lingerie.

Now all I need to do is find lingerie that can be both practical and sexy…

If you have a similar problem or if you’ve found a great fuller busted brand please comment below.

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