The Nude Revolution

Creating a more diverse fashion industry has been in the limelight for years, however a visible increase in diversity has been slow. Since the 1920s, we have had the option to buy ‘nude’ fashion products, but up until recently many brands have not acknowledged the diversity seen in skin tones.

The nude colour became popular in the 1920s and 1930s for use in undergarments, however since then brands have ignored the diversity seen in skin tones. Nude fashion and beauty products have limited choice by favouring the lighter skin tones. Lack of choice for certain groups of people within the fashion industry whether it is plus-sizes, ethnicity or age is a continuing problem, nevertheless it is promising to see brands who are paving the way for a more diverse and inclusive fashion industry.

The lack of diversity seen in nude products is beginning to be addressed by some forward-thinking brands. This small proportion of the industry is creating a nude revolution with key brands expanding the definition of nude and setting the example for others to follow. No longer is ‘nude’ just a variety of shades of pale pinks.

This gap in the market place has been recognised by a small number of brands, who are creating diversity in the selection of nude products. Recently, Christian Laboutin has been celebrated for their release of a selection of nude shoes, which cater to the needs of both darker and lighter skin tones. They now produce their classic styles in seven shades of ‘nude’, creating choice and diversity within their products. Joining this movement is Nubian skin, a lingerie and hosiery brand for women with darker skin tones. They have successfully created a range of nude products for darker skin tones.

Nude colour shoes via @laboutinworld
Nude colour shoes via @laboutinworld

Not only are key fashion brands supporting this nude revolution, but influential celebrities are also showing their support. Most significantly, Beyoncé a supporter of Nubian Skin chose to wear Nubian lingerie for her ‘Formation’ Tour, creating huge talk and publicity around Nubian's mission to create “a different kind of nude.”

Beyoncé wearing @nubianskin lingerie on the 'Formation' Tour
Beyoncé wearing @nubianskin lingerie on the 'Formation' Tour

There are a small number of brands that are leading the way in this revolution and they need to be celebrated. However, there is still a long way to go in creating a fashion industry that is truly diverse and celebrates all kinds of beauty.

Do you struggle to find nude products that match your skin tone? Have you found an excellent brand that provides a diverse range of nude products?

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